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AVOA Publishing has just opened a new recording studio in Yakima, Washington to create programs just like we grew up listening to. Today these are called over the radio programs (OTR). We remember them as theatre of the mind. These programs scared, shocked and made us laugh.

We will be working very hard with local actors to create theatre in audio. Our goal is to do what old-time radio did; scare, shock and make you laugh. Each of our programs will be available in all formats so you can enjoy them in your car, home or in the office.

We will continue to create quality how to videos that will show you how get your job done right the first time. We work with top professionals in all industries to help educate you and help you decide whether you can do the job yourself or who you should hire to do it for you.

We are not only working with contractors and other professionals that can help you with your construction needs, AVOA Publishing will work very hard with medical professionals to help you learn what to look for to help keep you and your family's health in check. Today it is very important that we get correct information so we don't make mistakes when it comes to our health.

Today there are so many sites out there that don't give you the information you are searching for. If you are like us we find that very frustrating and annoying. AVOA Publishing's promise to you, we will only post pages that have good information to help you find what you need to make the right decision.


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