Spiders and Insects

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The easiest way to prevent an infestation inside is to prevent an infestation outside. Keeping the perimeter of your house clean will help to cut down on the insect population. With less food available to them, spiders will be less likely to stay.

Spiders begin to hatch in early spring when the weather begins to warm up. The best time to spray is just prior to the hatch. Applying a dormant oil spray around the outside of your house in late February or early March will kill most of the eggs and help prevent infestation throughout the year. After the hatch, applying an exterior spray every 8 to 10 weeks will help keep spiders away later in the year.

Aside from sprays, there are few alternatives to help control bugs. Adhesive fly paper is one method that has been around for a while. Outside the house, the easiest method would be to take a garden hose and spray down the outside of the house and clean off the spider webs. Doing this periodically will keep spiders away from your house. Also, keeping your lawn wet will drive insects deep down into the soil.


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