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A View of America was originally created in 1998 as The How To Guys. We started this project to show the people in our own home town what was going on in the community. After a very short time other communities were added. When the terrorist attacked in 2001, we decided to travel all over the country to help promote our great nation. In 2003, all the files were moved from The How To Guys to A View of America. After the six long months of work, the site grew very fast and the number of hits went well over 54 million in 2004 and 2005.

Since that time the site has grown and the number of visitors has stayed pretty steady. We are averaging about 400,000 page views a month and around 75 percent of all visitors bookmark the site.

Because A View of America is dedicated to help promote our great nation, we are traveling all across the country to visit as many places as we can. Our country has many places to visit so it will be an ongoing project. If you have a tourist attraction and it is not on A View of America you can have it added to the site just by contacting us.

You may visit the site at www.aviewofamerica.com please tell your friends and loved ones about the site. You may use the site to help plan your vacations or just a short trip. Each of the pages have pictures and information about the attraction.


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