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A View of the World has grown through the years from The How To Guys to A View of America to A View of the World. This site will take years to accomplish what we would like it to be. We are hoping this site will bring our planet a little closer to each other in a peaceful way. We will focus on the positive aspects of each culture and leave the negative to the world press.

Here at AVOA Publishing, we believe that we can all get along, it just takes one person being a bigger man. We all should lead by example and do our part to help the rest of the world see that we can accept other cultures without trying to tell them what and how to believe.

We are not interested in getting involved in any politics or religious arguments. We are just out to show that each country has something worthwhile to offer the world's tourist. Together we can paint a better picture for tomorrow.

Please visit our site at: www.aviewoftheworld.com

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